After specific continued looking, they wind up back into the new guild

After specific continued looking, they wind up back into the new guild

She claims one to she wasn't sleeping about the publication becoming a souvenir out of their mom, yet not, as blogs of your own novel is actually from most of the reports you to the woman mother told her when she was young

Realizing the challenge it authored, Natsu and you may Happier set you back all bookstores within the Magnolia, looking for a copy of one's guide. Grey and you may Erza give the 2 troublemakers to help you apologize to Lucy after they can also be. Prior to he's the chance, Lucy appears and you will lends Natsu and Pleased several other book named Miltu Fable, a great prequel so you can Maya Tree. Of course, Natsu try not to end trembling for the concern. Happy, which usually do not prevent moving as well, requires why is the publication very important in order to Lucy. Lucy hesitates for a moment just before proclaiming that the ebook is a souvenir out of her mother, that triggers the two troublemakers to break on to rips. When Lucy claims that the last area will make him or her destroyed tears, Natsu and you can Happy comment that they are currently weeping, but Lucy appears to perhaps not tune in to its feedback. [48]

Minutes later, new stressed Natsu and you will Pleased became much more disheartened whenever Grey comments about how happier Lucy is actually and you may Erza comments exactly how it are a souvenir from Lucy's later mom. Knowing that it will merely hurt this lady significantly more if they you will need to hide they, Natsu and you will Delighted immediately go to Lucy in order to apologize so you can this lady. But while they are apologizing, Lucy starts to shout and you will works away, leaving a couple traumatized regulators on the street. Three days citation, and Gray cards one to Lucy has never started to the new guild for similar amount of time. Happy following claims you to definitely whether or not they are doing discover same book, he cannot genuinely believe that Lucy have a tendency to forgive them, to which Natsu answers which he currently knows that, nonetheless they still need to find the same publication having Lucy's benefit. Only next, Lucy comes up. Together direct kept low in side from Natsu and Happier, she starts to apologize. Folks are puzzled in what she form, but Lucy will continue to declare that she lied. Beginning their handbag, she deposits from the posts, and also to Natsu's and Happy's surprise, it has many copies of one's burnt publication. Delighted requires why Lucy is the owner of so many duplicates, that Lucy reactions one she attempted to publish the ebook out-of her very own pocket. [49]

If you're Erza worries over Lucy, she says she's alot more concerned about Natsu and you can Happy, each of just who ended up being desperately shopping for an identical guide in several places instead of other individuals

Lucy upcoming says when she read one Natsu and you may Happier had been in search of the book, she are therefore happy this must have gone over her lead. Lucy wanted these to have a look at publication and you will expected which they is most in search of exactly what the publication must promote. She upcoming claims home you to definitely consuming the book did not really suggest excess, however, she was not capable of handling that it lied on the being looking the publication. Given that Lucy continues to acknowledge, she actually starts to scream and you will claims one to she is actually never crazy during the them, but alternatively embarrassed by her very own creativeness and you may pride. Natsu and you can Delighted just be sure to peaceful Lucy down from the informing their to conquer him or her up to this woman is fulfilled. So it only tends to make the girl scream actually harder, that creates Natsu and you may Willing to scream also. Grey then enters and sets a bottle on the ground, comforting everyone down and you can advising them that each party are to blame. Delighted next requires what the drink is to hence Gray says that drink shows exactly what their party feels as though, that causes men and women so you can laugh. With that said, Gray says to them to drink up and possess happy to performs once again, that group answers happily. [50]

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